S2E38 - The Meme Episode

S4E9: The Devil You Know S4E10: Cold War

11 months ago

Zathras warning: LOTS of Star Trek in the beginning of this one. Like, nearly 10 minutes. The management apologizes.

The Devil You Know: The theme of this episode is "who does the protecting, and who do they choose to protect." Where the hell did Shaw hide a P90 in a cosmetics counter? ELIAS! You know a goon is done for when you finally learn his name. Fusco kicks butt. Elias may be a moral monster, but the rest of the Machine Team basically is too.

The Cold War: It's the meme episode! Tweet us your favorite use of the assassin-chain format. There is a specific mayo to mustard ratio. Greer backstory--he was borrowed from a John Le Carre novel and well on his way to becoming a Bond villain. Nice pastebin reference. The war in heaven continues.

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