S4E11 - MAGA Klingons

S2E04: Invasive Procedures; S2E05: Cardassians

1 month ago

Episode Notes

Invasive Procedures: The senior staff--and Quark. The lived experiences of Trill washouts. Jude has questions about Trill, and so do the rest of us. Bashir shows some skills. B5 crossover via stunt doubling! What makes Sisko great?

Cardassians: Secret Agent Garak! Dukat and Garak have a... history. Sisko always looks good. Jude breaks the plot accidentally. Dukat never has an ounce of doubt. Keiko's continual lack of cross-cultural sensitivity. O'Brien never does what you expect a stock character to do. This episode really makes it clear how different DS9 is from all other Trek.

O'Brien Suffers Level: PTSD

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