S4E9 - More Hated than Vince McMahon

S1E19 Duet; S1E20 In the Hands of the Prophets

1 month ago

Episode Notes

CW: Discussion of actual not-amusing war crimes, and religious extremism.

Jude gets a promotion!

Duet: People with the appelation "The Butcher of..." are always delightful people. This episode is packed with powerful performances, and the actors are up to the task of lifting this very heavy material. Bajor gets a lot of complexity that other species do not.

In the Hands of the Prophets: Space Karen is back! Bajoran/Federation relations take a hit over education, but to be fair it's hard to teach about religious practices when the deities do in fact appear to exist. Jude twigged to Neela's nature immediately because O'Brien isn't supposed to be a sex symbol. Sisko Dad Mode on religions is an important and well written/acted one. O'Brien Suffers level: Religious War

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