S2E39 - Schrodinger's Rocket Launcher

S4E11: If/Then/Else S4E12: Ctrl+Alt+Del

11 months ago

Yet again, Star Trek talk. And then we get a 10 minute tour of Justen's bedroom furniture. IKEA, sponsor us--this podcast resembles one of Jude's bookcases, for sure.

If/Then/Else: It's Remedial Chaos Theory! The show played with the format of broadcast tv to emotionally whiplash you, and it doesn't come across as well on streaming, but that doesn't make this any less of an amazing episode... Shaw's exit(?) was because of real-life things, not conflicts, and was a character choice. Only Fusco seems to be mispredicted by the Machine. Even the Machine knows root is the Queen.

Ctrl+Alt+Del: The difference between the Machine and Samaritan is further explored, including bottom-up and top-down methodologies. Fusco is a hockey man, and is ride or die for Team Machine. We love to hate Control. Bio-informatics defined. Schrodinger's Rocket Launcher.

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