S4E26 - Lwaxana's Google Alerts

S3E9: Defiant; S3E10: Fascination

2 months ago

Episode Notes

Defiant: You know this is a utopia when the doctor can order vacations. Dax clearly thinks that Kira banged Riker. Because Dax also clearly banged Riker. You know something's wrong when someone is mean to O'Brien. Villainous Goatee! What happens if you put aluminum foil in the replicator? Kira being the A-plot main character is very pre-2001. Using the Maqis and the Bajoran rebellion as examples of morally grey terrorism is not ideal. Reading Enterprise logs must be sanity-wrecking.

Fascination: DS9 does a sex farce. Bashir has significant leeway to diagnose colleagues as "assholes". Lwaxana Troi may be the galaxy's worst seatmate, but it is pretty fun to see her making Odo uncomfortable. What ARE jumja sticks? Oh hey, Xanthi fever. Sisko knows something's wrong when people want to cancel dinner. Jake has rizz. Lwaxana's Google Alerts include Odo, Captain Picard, and sex festivals. On the other hand, the O'Briens' relationship plot feels really grounded and realistic.

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