S4E4 - Kira-Sisko Bureaucratic Tag-Team

S1E08 Dax; S1E09 The Passenger

2 months ago

Episode Notes

Jude would take a bad Trek theme over Picard's theme, but hates ENT. There's some time travel in this episode because we had to re-record it nearly a season later.

Dax: Dax and... Bashir? are in charge of Engineering? How wide is the Trill definition of "you"? Odo works better as a private detective than as an officer of the "law". Bashir is just immature, not full fedora. Is Garak a power bottom? Maybe, but Julian is not a top. Imagine being 200 and being around a hyperactive puppy dog 20 year old. The Dax trans narrative was not explicitly intended but it's amazing how directly it hit the mark. O'Brien Suffers level: Raktajino.

The Passenger: Odo, you must take this intern. No one could have seen this twist. This is a pretty beige episode. It seems too early in a series to do the "this character is acting out of character" trope.

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