S4E18 - Diplomacy is Cheap

S2E20-21 The Maquis

1 month ago

Episode Notes

S2E20-21 The Maquis

Justen comes by their star trek bullshit honestly.

The Maquis

The Maquis are the most fascinating political experiment Star Trek has ever completely whiffed. Quark out-logics a Vulcan, and Dukat is a weird little guy. Quark wants a hot alien lady to step on him, v. 200. The establishment of Dukat as Sisko's dark mirror. DS9 characters are allowed to have duality. The Federation is an HOA. Dax and Kira's weird conversation.

We are joined by Steve! Steve lives with their partner and their adult cat son in a cave beneath Gre'thor. They often make guest appearances on Graymalkin Lane and can be found on social media @/howdyduda.

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