S2E47 - Waiting Impatiently for the Great Filter

S5E5: Shotseeker S5E6: A More Perfect Union S5E7: QSO

1 year ago

But first some B5 news.

Shotseeker: Yay Elias is not dead! John's love language is avenging your death. The only thing believable about this technology is that NYC would spend a staggering amount of money on it. This episode really doesn't work in the context of its airing time.

A More Perfect Union: The Great Filter? Shaw's still in a simulation, John's a stripper pimp, there's a wedding, root goes horseback riding. Meanwhile Fusco has to go to a tunnel full of corpses. Michael Emerson's Irish accent is... not good. Jarold shipping intensifies.

QSO: root dress-up episode! 4 Alarm Fire, the best tumblr tag. Our headcanon is that root could burn water. Jude goes on a Powerbar rant. Dollar Store Picardo.

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