S4E17 - No vaporizations at the mall

S2E18: Profit and Loss; S2E19: Blood Oath

4 months ago

Episode Notes

  • S2E18: Profit and Loss
  • S2E19: Blood Oath

Profit and Loss: A Cardassian with two names? A Meaty Slap. It's always morally acceptable to steal from fascists UNLESS it breaks trust with your romantic partner. How in the world are there no consequences for this outright murder. Jude questions the Odo Book Club choice. Flirtation via politics and philosophy. The increasing complexity of Garak. The increasing complexity of Quark, altruistic in the most Ferengi way possible. Ferengi running around LA after the Northridge quake.

Blood Oath: Star Trek says trans rights (the meme). The Klingon makeup change, Doyleist/Watsonian/fan. Michael Ansara's iconic voice. Jadzia the science battle maiden. The increasing complexity of Jadzia Dax. Revenge is not something the Federation teaches--good thing the Trill aren't Federation.

For this episode we are joined by Trill specialist Velvet. Velvet is an artist, actual play podcaster, and literal actual dragon. You can find her on Twitter and Bluesky @velvetthedragon, as well as on the Clever Corvids Productions podcast network.

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