S4E20 - Bajoston

S2E24: The Collaborator S2E25: Tribunal

3 months ago

Episode Notes

S2E24: The Collaborator S2E25: Tribunal

O'Brien Suffers Level: Vacation/Unexpected Dental Work, use your judgement as to which is worse

The Collaborator: An orb! Kai Winn is spectacular in making you hate her (GNU Louise Fletcher). Sisko is literally the only character who isn't a complete mess. Or maybe everyone in Bajoran politics are so thick that Winn's subterfuges are Succession-tier; Jude has a theory. The problems with prophecies.

Tribunal: Directed by Avery f'ing Brooks. Odo has a rare moment of high empathic quotient. Everything hinges on a molar. Miles knows what happens when you go on vacation. 90's Casual Racism. The logistics of sex in a runabout. Colm Meaney thirst. How did Bashir become a critical intel conduit?

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