S4E16 - A Space Wedgie and Bad Vibes

S2E15: Paradise; S2E16: Shadow Play; S2E17: Playing God

4 months ago

Episode Notes

S2E15: Paradise S2E16: Shadow Play S2E17: Playing God

Paradise: (CW: incest vibes discussion at one point). Shrek Energy. Dax's BDSM experience. O'Brien and Sisko's interesting comrades-in-arms relationship. Elixis would have a marble statue-head as a twitter avatar. Dax and Kira Bestie Mode.

Shadow Play: Sisko is literally the best dad. Otherwise, a Very Horny Episode. Odo surprises Jude by being likeable. Springball has implications.

Playing God: Cardassian Vole Hunt. Odo does not step on ants. More Trill lore, and we love it. And Terry Ferrel has absolutely found Jadzia. You're in love with a Dabo girl?

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