S4E23 - Nice day for a Quark Wedding

S3E3: House of Quark; S3E4: Equilibrium

1 month ago

Episode Notes

S3E3: House of Quark S3E4: Equilibrium

House of Quark:

Possibly the most BabPod episode in the history of Star Trek. It's not Miles and Keiko's fault that they were written in the 90s; it's otherwise a great example of a real marriage. Gowron caught the car and is now suffering. Klingon-Federation Enemies to Lovers Arc. We are in the Ronald Moore era of Trek and it shows.


w o r m. Jude loves captains cooking for their people. The Trill situation is sketchy as fuck. A long side conversation about Star Trek books. Bashir and Dax finally feel like buddies rather than horny dork. Jude torments Justen about Bashir's underwear. Sisko treats the Prime Directive like he treats Quark.

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