S4E13 - A Wave of the Science Box

S2E09: Second Sight; S2E10: Sanctuary

5 months ago

Episode Notes

Second Sight: Everyone is so supportive of Sisko getting back out there. They want Captain Dad to be happy. The fact that the anniversary of Wolf 359 goes by without notice tells you when this show was. Nog Sex Ed again. The sub-genre of one-episode Trek romances.

Sanctuary: Kira's no-good-very-bad-day. We're not big fans of this episode or the portrayal of the aliens. The plan is really not good but that doesn't stop everyone from blaming Kira and Bajor for some reason. We use video game logic to give a better explanation. Paramount, hire Justen to write some novels. Quark is right.

O'Brien Suffers Level: Dreaming of an empty ticket queue.

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