S2E40 - Monsters love small towns

S4E13: MIA S4E14: Guilty

11 months ago

The gang reconvenes after an extended recording hiatus (it shows...), discusses the weather, and then...

MIA: This is a d&d plotline. Just a reminder--torture does not work. Ana goes on a rant about New York. The Californians counter with a nuanced discussion of west coast cartography. Tweet the show with your opinions about geography, please, Zathras begs you. The slimmed-down team feels like season 1 again a bit. We like Dani and wonder if she was possibly a Shaw replacement. Some weird cyberpunk experiments that don't go anywhere. the Reese/root team-up is fascinatingly deadly.

Guilty: Evil 5G that gives you headaches? Fusco, zero to hero. Too much info, Jude. Also, Zoe! It may not be a metaplot episode but it's still fun. If Zoe says "hey, wanna bang", why would you ever say no.

This episode is so unhinged.

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