S4E19 - It isn't gay if it's your moustache clone.

S2E22: The Wire; S2E23: Crossover

2 months ago

Episode Notes

S2E22: The Wire S2E23: Crossover

The Wire:

A painfully accurate example of addiction. Odo's back in wet-fascist mode. Bashir, just kiss him, for god's sake. Cardassians are catty bitches. Julian Bashir, ADHD Twink, and his boyfriend, Anxiety Space Lizard with PTSD.


The Mirror Universe is part of standard officer training. Kira is maybe the only person in Star Trek who does not recognize the name "Kirk". Quark's mix is switched. Garak is "Authoritarian Cutout #5". We're not sure how we feel about the pathway from "Mirror Mirror" to "Crossover" in terms of the political messages. Julian has a learning moment. Justen thinks about the Roman Empire.

Rejected episode titles:

  • D stands for Daddy Issues

  • The Most Fuckable Twink in the Alpha Quadrant

We are joined by James! Originally from Florida, James now lives in sunny Brisbane, Australia, where he works as a research scientist in sustainable livestock production systems. He can be found at @doctorjamesd.bsky.social and was recently highlighted as part of CSIRO's lead up to Mardi Gras at https://www.csiro.au/en/news/all/articles/2024/february/trans-in-transdisciplinary-science

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