S4E28 - This Gaslighting could have been an Email

S3E13 Life Support; S3E14 Heart of Stone

27 days ago

Episode Notes

Jude is Calvin's Dad.

Life Support:

Odo resolves any problem via incarceration, including friendships. Sisko continues to be Good Dad. The Ferengi misogyny is real bad, and the Nog plot is only redeemed by knowing what it is going to be set in contrast with. Bashir is stuck between a rock and a hard Kai.

Heart of Stone:

The Cave Set returns. Odo is suspicious of Nerodo shipping. Odo's wet fascist sisterwife. The start of a very important plotline, which only works because Sisko understands Ferengi so well. Vilix'pran! Maybe the A plot is there to give the B plot more air.

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