S4E15 - A Kafka Novel about a Dostoyevsky Novel

S2E13: Armageddon Game; S2E14: Whispers

5 months ago

Episode Notes

We promise, we get to the episodes EVENTUALLY.

Armageddon Game: A true "O'Brien Must Suffer" episode. The triumphant return of the warcrimes airhorn. Jude makes Ninja Turtles assumptions. Don't jinx yourself in a room full of bioweapons. RIP The Ganges. These stupid aliens lost to a middle-aged mechanic and "the most fuckable twink in the Alpha quadrant". Does Sisko enjoy making O'Brien Suffer a bit? Nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling, just fyi.

Whispers: Another O'Brien Must Suffer episode, in a new twist! Miles may be the best character for this particular plot. The main plot of the episode is "bad vibes". Children are goblins. Miles drinks a LOT of coffee. Or his replicant does. Or something.

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