S4E10 - How's your Business Dick

S2E01: The Homecoming; S2E02: The Circle; S2E03: The Siege

1 month ago

Episode Notes

Yes, it's a three-parter, but all three are GREAT. Welcome to season 2 of DS9.

The Homecoming: Call your factions one thing and just roll with it. Every character choice for O'Brien is "working class hero". Gul Dukat's statement is basically "we're sorry we got caught." Wait, is this a B5 episode?

The Circle: Kira's hunka hunka monk. The Bajoran monasteries must constantly be ordering 55 gallon tubs of baja blast lube. "Here is our traditional garb, the banana hammock". Odo deputizes Quark? Nothing says Bajoran independence like Cardassian torture.

The Siege: Nasty fascist republican sex. Benjamin "Not on my watch, motherfuckers" Sisko isn't having the Federation's limp-dick hands-off approach. Nog and Jake are best boys. Trill are psychic-type and thus weak to bug type. Julian is dramatic. Jadzia gets even more depth. Odo and Quark are the two most married characters in Star Trek.

O'Brien Suffers level: Ride or die for Kira.

rejected titles for this episode:

  • Their monks can fuck
  • The ceremonial banana hammock
  • Sure he's a sex pest but he's honest about it
  • Nasty Fascist Republican Sex
  • Hunka Hunka Monk
  • No one touches Sisko's Balls

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