S4E24 - Madame Toussaud's Museum of Notable Bajoran Dissidents

S3E5: Second Skin; S3E6: The Abandoned

2 months ago

Episode Notes

S3E5: Second Skin S3E6: The Abandoned

Second Skin: Sisko bullies Garak. Cardassians seem to have very good cosmetic surgery for a lizard species. The Cardassian Sleeper Agent program is weird. Cardassians use unlabeled data crystals. Cardassia has much more depth to it than normal "enemy" cultures, or even most non-Earth cultures.

The Abandoned: Justen loves a hot pirate lady. Odo now has a room for his bucket. 16-20 is not an age gap that we feel great about but it's... okay for some reasons we lay out. Sisko and Miles dadding is great. The concept of the nature/nurture thing is good, but the end result strays real close to "crack baby". The fact that Odo is willing to throw his entire life away to save one orphan is great, and it's run over by the actual plot.

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