S4E5 - The Emily Post of Starfleet

DS9 S1 E10: Move Along Home; DS9 S1 E11: The Nagus

2 months ago

Episode Notes

Spoiler warning: Headphones moment from 46:10 to 47:53, and from 1:00:21 to 1:00:55

Move Along Home: Game time! Also, yes, Nog should probably not be teaching sex ed to a humon. What Trek character would be a good sex educator? Quark makes Odo blow on the dice, the horniest thing we've seen so far. Klon Peags? Dax hits her stride. Does Starfleet Academy turn you into a lunatic?

The Nagus: Porny Giggles. Ferengi corpse NFTs. Side note: how were NFTs not a Ferengi b-plot? O'Brien Suffers level 5.5. Jake is teaching Nog to read? heart-eyes. Ferengi culture is built on middle managers... They should be gross, but they escape it by being ridiculous.

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