S4E14 - The Monster is Family

5 months ago

Episode Notes

S2E11: Rivals S2E12: The Alternate

Rivals: Humperdink! Multiple widows. Bashir turns the twink meter up to 12. O'Brien suffers level: old sports injury. Ketchup shenanigans. Bajoran Orphans Fund! Spinning neutrinos and gambling... And the solution is "explode them". Ma Kent is a Nigerian Prince Scam. Bashir has "grown" since season one. Jude makes a prediction about Bashir/O'Brien. "I didn't beg you, I blackmailed you." New rule of acquisition!

The Alternate: Plegg invented pornographic DVDs. Odo's "dad" visits, accompanied by PATERNALISM. No, I didn't like the science because I was the science. This is a dad-heavy episode.

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