S4E27 - Past Oof

S3E11 and 12 Past Tense part 1 and 2

2 months ago

Episode Notes

Jude is not well during the first half of this episode so it's a little rough. Also, Jude and Justen have some Dune Thoughts. Worm.

Past Tense Part 1: This meeting could have been an email. 2024?? Chroniton plot armor. 2024 looks are just rancid 90s looks. Why is Dax so much better than Sisko and Bashir at committing identity fraud? How would YOU cope with getting thrown 350 years into the past? Some Captain chat. Some political chat about how ripped-from-reality this plot is.

Past Tense Part 2: Previously on BabPod, some timeywimey stuff. It's scarily appropriate that SF is the setting for this episode. Jude feels old because Ana and Justen don't know Airheads. Kira's not great at spycraft. We have lots of thoughts, and not just about millennials.

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