S4E7 - Tonal Inconsistency

S1E13: The Storyteller; S1E14: Progress; S1E15: If Wishes Were Horses

2 months ago

Episode Notes

The Storyteller: Get in the minivan, Bashir! Horny teens should not be in charge of negotiations. O No My Bukkit. DS9 learned important lessons from TNG in terms of how to treat teenage characters--specifically, let them be cringe and celebrate it. Ferengi kinks. Justen strays into blasphemy. O'Brien Suffers Level: Dal'Rok

Progress: Let's talk about eminent domain. What the hell do self-sealing stem bolts do? Invisible seaming techniques. The long-term payoffs of this episode should have been better than they were. Jake gets a lesson in profit. Kira gets a little radicalized.

If Wishes Were Horses: Turns out that O'Brien CAN tell a good story. Bashir's fantasy is hella problematic, because we all know he's a bottom. Random space phenomenon that appears once and never returns, yaaaay. O'Brien Suffers Level: Rumplestiltskin?

Also: Baseball.

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