S4E29 - Redwall-ass Prophecy

S3E15: Destiny; S3E16: Prophet Motive

13 days ago

Episode Notes

Destiny: We stuff each other in lockers. No vole fights. Sisko's struggles with the role of Emissary. The Stressed Cardassian, the Horny Cardassian, and the Angry Cardassian. We like Galora better than Lochley. Dax has been allll over.

O'Brien Suffers Level--propositioned in a Jeffries Tube.

Prophet Motive: Directed by Odo. Jude hates Umak. A revised Rules of Acquisition? Live troll handjobs on television. Jude mixes comedic metaphors. Derailed by the Emmys. We all need a Dax in our lives. The Wormhole Aliens heard about capitalism and decided "well, we need to fix that". And then they realized it would mean visitors, and said "well actually never mind."

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