S4E3 - Correct Horse Battery Staple

S01E05: Babel; S01E06: Captive Pursuit; S01E07: Q-Less

3 months ago

Episode Notes

Babel: O'Brien Must Suffer level Orange. Ominous Blinking Device time! Jude had severe empathy-pain for O'Brien. Sisko knows that Kira will always blame Cardassians first. Quark arguing he's an essential service is so 2023. It's very strange to have a Star Trek show that has currency.

Captive Pursuit: Oh the 1990s, when being a sexual predator was a fun quirky character flaw and not a straight up bad thing... The Worst Predators make an appearance. The Ferengi are a "complex species", aka kinda gross. Odo gets Worfed a few times. The Bucket! It's a Good O'Brien episode.

Q-Less: O'Brien Must Suffer again. Oh look, two of Picard's exes in one episode, must be sweeps week. Q is more fun when he's trying to do something interesting, rather than just getting back with HIS ex. You get real real bored when you're a god. Sisko is the most straight (but not narrow) captain. Bashir didn't show up to the game session.

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