S4E8 - Sacred Bong of Rix

S1E17 The Forsaken; S1E18 Dramatis Personae

6 months ago

Episode Notes

Jude bucks for a promotion. Justen is sleepy.

The Forsaken: Wait, what is that music? It's... it can't be. It's Lwaxana Troi! The most DTF character in Star Trek. The Lwaxana/Odo pairing is spectacular. "The thin beige line between order and chaos" nearly killed Jude. Sisko is in dad mode all day. Has Odo ever had "the talk"? Lots of great one-liners this episode.
O'Brien Suffers Level: a new puppy.

Dramatis Personae: Alien fuckery! A new clock for Sisko! Nothing else in this episode matters in the least bit. At least the actors had fun. O'Brien Suffers Level: the audience suffers worse.

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